Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Credit Care Financing

WHAT IS CARECREDIT FINANCING? Care Credit is accepted by over 140,000 providers and is the nation’s leading patient financing program.  Care Credit, is a part of GE Capital and offers healthcare financing for consumers through a network of over 140,000 providers.  It is a healthcare credit card that can be used as a payment option for certain expenses not covered by insurance or to bridge situations when desired care exceeds insurance coverage.  Care Credit is a simple way to consolidate and manage certain out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, because it is a credit card it gives you a revolving line of credit that can be used repeatedly and for any family member. Care Credit offers two basic payment plans to meet an individual’s financial needs.  Each month you only need to pay the required minimum monthly payment and pay off the remaining balance within the promotional period to avoid interest. Care Credit is widely used for:

·         Dentistry
·         Veterinary medicine
·         Hearing care
·         Cosmetic treatments and surgery
·         Vision Correction

No introductory rates. No application fees. No pre-payment penalties. Just Special Financing every time. Need more time or want a lower monthly payment? We offer Extended Payment Plans with low fixed monthly payments and a competitive interest rate.

Use your cash and major credit cards for other expenses and use this great option to pay for your treatment.

We offer interest free financing plans from 6 to 12 months. We also have longer term plans for up to 60 months with lower monthly payments and a competitive interest rate.

How do I qualify for Care Credit? 
Approval is based on information from your credit application and past credit history. This includes information from the primary applicant as well as any co-applicant. 

Fast, easy and secure!  You can complete the 5 minute application either at the office or in your own home.

Find out instantly if you are approved and start using your account immediately — even before your card arrives!

Make sure you only take on debt you know you can repay. If your level of debt gets too high, it can affect your credit rating. Lenders often look at the ratio of your overall debt to your income to see if you can pay your bills and Visit to get more information or to complete a quick application.
To receive the rate and payoff terms of your approved payment plan, you should pay your required minimum monthly payment on time. It is a good idea to send in your payment a week before it is due, or pay online to make certain your payment arrives at CareCredit before its due date. If payments are late, you will be charged interest charges on the full amount of your plan.

Missing a payment is the worst thing you can do for your credit rating and it means you will pay the most fees and the highest interest. Missing payments can lead to more late fees and an increased interest rate.

If you can not pay the full balance, pay half. If you can not pay half, pay something -- but always more than the minimum. If you just pay the minimum it may take a long time to pay off your debt, and you will pay lots of interest. If you find that you can never pay off what you have charged, re-evaluate your budget.

If you can afford it, paying your full balance every month will help you stay out of long-term debt while getting the convenience of using a credit card.

Make sure your statement reflects what you purchased. If something shows up that looks unfamiliar, call your credit card company immediately.

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