Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Never too Late!

Am I too old for braces? The answer is NO! Braces don’t have an age limit. There are many benefits to straightening your teeth at any age. 

Healthier Teeth:  Straight teeth can help with cleaning of your teeth.  If you have crowding or crooked teeth, you know how difficult it can be to brush and floss in those crowded spaces. This can lead to decay or gum disease.   If you are unable to successfully clean all surfaces of your teeth due these issues, straightening the teeth can keep your teeth and gum tissue healthier and stronger.

More Confidence:  People want to look and feel great.   Many adults choose to straighten teeth because they dislike their smile.  Crooked teeth can make people feel uncomfortable and insecure about smiling.  At our office, we have seen the confidence that  a new smile can provide.  Don’t let your smile hold you back from your full potential. 

Increase Attractiveness:  What do people find most attractive in others? The smile.  According to a national survey from the American Dental Association and Crest® and Oral B® finds that the smile outranked eyes, hair and the body as the most attractive physical feature.  If you are still looking for that special someone and wish your smile was better, give us a call.

Improve Job Opportunities:  In this economy, adults are seeking any opportunity to gain an advantage in the job market.  More than ninety percent of Americans feel that an attractive smile increases their chances of being better perceived in personal and professional situations.
Eliminate Chronic Pain:  If you suffer from chronic headaches or jaw pain, it could be that your teeth are misaligned.  Orthodontics might just be the thing to eliminate the pain.

 We would love to work with you to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.   Please call to schedule an appointment for an orthodontic consultation.  Your beautiful and healthy smile is just a few steps away.   If you would like a better smile but don’t want orthodontics, stop in and see us anyway.  You may be a candidate for veneers.  A quick and easy way to fix your smile in a couple of hours.


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