Friday, December 9, 2011

End of the Year Dental checklist

Do you have left over insurance or flex money for 2011?
Let’s maximize your insurance!

      *      Review your remaining insurance benefits for 2011

*      Use up flex money for 2011

*      Take advantage of special year-end ortho financing

*      Call Stacey, our insurance specialist for help reviewing your remaining benefits

Plan for treatment that needs to be done next year

      *      Get kids in for orthodontic consult for next year’s flex and insurance planning

*      Talk to AFD staff to see what treatment needs to be done next year

*      Need more help planning?  Schedule a free consult to review your treatment needs.

Fun stuff!

      *      Pick up some great dental products for Xmas gifts

*      Like us on Facebook to get the latest product discounts, be eligible for special drawings and receive a $10 Target gift card at your next hygiene appointment.

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