Thursday, January 5, 2012

Haiti Trip- Part 1

(Dont miss the link at the bottom of page to see pictures from Haiti)
There are many places where one can go to help.  Right here in the United States there are hungry and poor and depressed and hopeless.  One might ask why Haiti.

A year ago, my daughter Karen, mother of three beautiful children and a wonderful husband living in Shoreview, came up to me bubbling about the best experience of her life.  A mission trip to Haiti.  She had visited orphans, helped bring water to those who had none in an amazingly hot climate, and held babies in Mother Theresa's home for sick and dying children.   She had done so much good in such a short time, and it was so fulfilling.

This is the same daughter that 15 years ago said, Dad, let's run a marathon together.  Well, I'd never run more than 2 miles in my life before.   She is the one that when there is an accident and a crowd gathers around to watch, dives in to help.

She is a special gal and so when she invited me to go, I knew I was on my way...

Because of her, I've run a marathon and now am forever connected to the people of Haiti.  The beauty of her people and the tragedy of their plight.   You come home with more questions than answers.

But what is clear is, the children of Haiti need our help with the basic needs of food, water, healthcare, education, safety and hope.  Good people from around the world are trying to help on a massive scale. There is much more to do.  Aid that is provided directly by us, gets to those who need it.   If we don't supervise the materials, they often don't make it to the right place.

Haiti, once called the Pearl of the Caribbean, more wealthy than the United States, is now the most desperate place on the planet.   Of eight million people, 80% are in poverty, 50% are in abject poverty.  This was true before the recent earthquake and hurricanes.   While I seek for answers of why, I must continue to help where I can....

Haiti pictures

To be continued....

Dr Z.

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