Monday, July 9, 2012

Ozone Treatment

I went to a course this early July on Ozone treatment.  Ozone is technically a molecule of 3 Oxygen molecules rather than the usually 2 Oxygen molecule we breath every day.  Regular Oxygen is noted for it's health and cleansing properties but supercharges oxygen, Ozone is highly toxic to bacteria and viruses and rather gentle to human cells.

 Pioneer dental research shows promise in treating resistant gum disease and residual oral infections, ozone can be used locally rather than antibiotics which involves the whole body.  Most infections we have in the mouth are a mix of many kinds of bacteria and many kinds of viruses.  Ozone is effective on all of them.

 While more investigation is needed, don't be surprised if I suggest you rinse with ozone water or rub an ozone oil on certain problem areas in your mouth.

 A second very significant focus of my course was the effects of common gum disease on whole body disease such as Heart Attack, Stroke, Diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.   More and more evidence is pointing to oral inflammation causing inflammatory processes in the arteries that pulls in cholesterol as a "repair" mechanism that closes off the circulation to vital organs.  While further study is needed, it is very clear that routine 6 month cleaning is not only effective at bringing health to the mouth, but likely is very effective at fighting some of the most dreaded diseases of aging.

 Dr. Z

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