Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Save Teeth

Think you need a tooth pulled because you’re in pain, have too much crowding or you think a wisdom tooth just needs to be removed?  You should definitely reconsider.

The days of pulling teeth are over and it’s better to have more teeth then less teeth.  Our goal is to have your natural teeth to last for your lifetime. 

If you are experiencing tooth pain due to an infected tooth, saving the tooth by doing a root canal treatment is the way to go.  After we numb your tooth, you will be surprised at how easy having a root canal really is.  If you were to pull the tooth, the other teeth around the missing tooth can move into the space where the tooth was pulled and lead to spacing between the teeth which can lead to other problems.  That area can then collect food, causing decay.  Plus the other teeth also have to make up for the chewing the missing tooth was doing and this can cause chipped or broken teeth.

Here at Advance Family Dental, we like nice big smiles.  Having a tooth pulled for orthodontics because of too much crowding is not a normal thing to do in our office.  We can expand or make your smile bigger with FastBraces or Invisalign. In some instances we can use an expander before orthodontic treatment is started that will allow your teeth to have more room to straighten out!

Wisdom teeth removal can be traumatic, painful and costly and most of the time it isn’t necessary. The recovery time is long and you can end up looking like a chipmunk! As long as you are coming here every 6 months to get your teeth cleaned and examined, we can catch anything that may lead to dental health problems with your wisdom teeth.

As you can see, the advantages of keeping your teeth are far better than losing them!  So keep brushing and flossing, make sure you get your teeth cleaned and checked every 6 months, and most importantly, keep smiling!


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