Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Orthodontics and Extractions Don’t Need to go Hand in Hand

Have you been told you need teeth removed in order to straighten your teeth? Please don’t do that until you come in for a no cost consultation with Dr. Zollinger.  We’d like you to keep all of your teeth whenever possible and there are some really good reasons why you should want to keep all of your teeth as well.

 Years and years ago it was very common for dentists to remove permanent teeth to correct crowded teeth and bites. When this is done there is extra space that needs to be closed which means closing the space by bringing the teeth back.  Seldom is this a good idea.   There can be significant facial changes that the dentist must consider when choosing the course of treatment.   When we bring teeth back, we lose some lip support, which means lips look thinner.  As teeth are shifted back, it can also change your profile.  We like to make nice big smiles without removing teeth!
Dr. Zollinger has been doing orthodontic treatment without removing teeth for many, many years. Why remove a perfectly health tooth that you can never properly replace? We can correct about 95% of all our orthodontic treatment without removing any teeth. We have up to date technology that make is easy and simple to achieve. Not only does Dr. Zollinger look at straightening your teeth, he looks at your face, your tooth size, and the shape of your dental arches. He studies your profile to insure that not only your teeth our straight but that you get an enhanced look as well!

Orthodontics can now straighten teeth in 4-12 months in a lot of cases.  We use a system called Fastbraces, which uses a specially developed wire and bracket to move teeth, quickly and safely.  Come see us for a free consultation to see how fast we can correct your smile without losing any teeth!  We will present you with your non-extraction treatment options. 

Let’s find out what is the best treatment not only for your teeth but your face and lips as well. 

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Michelle, Orthodontic Treatment Coordinator


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