Monday, September 23, 2013


Our staff is working on plans for a return trip to Haiti to provide dental care to the children of Grace Village, as well as members of the community.  They will be going the week of February 2nd.  Grace Village is an orphanage outside of Port au Prince that is run by an organization called Healing Haiti.  To learn more about the Healing Haiti organization and Grace Village, go to 

Last January, with help and support from our patients and other members of the community, Dr. Zollinger and six Advance Family Dental staff members traveled to Haiti to provide needed dental care to many there. It will be four years in January since an earthquake devastated areas of Haiti, particularly the capital city of Port au Prince.  Although progress has been made, our group saw first hand last year that a lot more needs to be done in the city.  Hundreds of thousands still do not have adequate shelter.  The conditions there were shocking for our group and many found it really troubling to see.  However, they were glad they were able to help in their own way.  As many of our patients can attest to, having dental pain can severely affect your quality of life.  They were able to use their skills to do what they do best, fix teeth! Although, it was tough to leave knowing there is much more to do, they were comforted knowing that they would be back to continue their work.  

Once again, we need to thank those who make this possible; whose donations are able to directly make a difference in many lives in Haiti.  Those are the people who have made what we do possible.  Thank you so much! 


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  4. It's neat that you are helping the people in Haiti. The effects of the earthquake are still problematic. Just because it's not in the news anymore doesn't mean that services like family dentistry and other doctoring aren't needed.

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