Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What are your favorite dental products?

Check out what the professionals at Advance Family Dental think!

Annie the Hygienist and Trista the Assistant: They both love their Sonicare power toothbrushes, they feel it makes their mouth really clean and is really easy to use! They both also do not like Crest Pro Health toothpaste. It gives them tissue sloughing, which is the peeling of your inner cheek.

Molly the Office Manager: Molly likes the Rotadent power toothbrush, she likes how small the brush head is. She also likes how the brush heads are removable, so her and her husband can share the Rotadent.

Michelle the Orthodontic Assistant: Michelle likes Aim toothpaste, it whitens, cleans and freshens! Michelle also likes Glide floss, because it really glides. She also hates power toothbrushes, because they vibrate too much and she doesn't like the tickle it gives off.

Rhona the Financial Manager: Rhona likes Crest with Scope toothpaste, it makes her mouth feel extra fresh!  She loves the Chic Flic whitening pen for whitening her teeth quickly and easily.  It’s so easy, she uses it in the car on the way to work!

Melissa the Assistant: Melissa likes the Sonicare, it makes her mouth feel extra clean!

Kelly the Treatment Coordinator: Kelly likes any power toothbrush. She also likes the Reach flosser, because it can get the hard to reach areas towards the back of her mouth and wisdom teeth.

Lori the Receptionist: Any kind of power brush, because they clean much better. Also Lori's daughter uses the Sonicare kids toothbrush, and she thinks it gives her a much better clean than any manual toothbrush.

Chance the Hygienist: Chance likes the Rotadent power toothbrush because it makes him feel like his teeth were just professionally polished!

Kalli the Assistant: Kalli likes mint floss, and any toothpaste with the bursting beads, makes her feel extra clean and fresh!

Dr. Zollinger: Dr. Z likes to use a manual toothbrush, but without any toothpaste. When he uses toothpaste, it gets all foamy, and he cannot tell if he is getting all the plaque off or not.

Dr. Z's wise words: Toothpaste can be good for certain people, such as those with a high decay rate, due to the fluoride in toothpaste. Otherwise, it is the bristles in the toothbrush that clean the teeth, not the toothpaste.


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