Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Haiti Mission


Once again, we have a team headed to Haiti to provide dental care to one of the world’s poorest populations. They will be staying at Grace Village which is an orphanage run by the locally founded Healing Haiti organization.  For more information about this fantastic group, check out HealingHaiti.org. 

The 2015 Haiti team
Our group of seven, led by Dr. Zollinger will leave for Haiti on Monday, February 2nd.   Michelle and Chance will be returning for the second time.  There are another three staff who are venturing there for the first time. 
 Dr. Zollinger’s first trip to Haiti was in the Fall of 2011.  His daughter, Karen had been on several trips and he was excited to accompany her and set the ground work for a dental clinic. When he returned he was excited about the idea of bringing a group from his office down there to do good things.

Chance in 2013 working in odd conditions

Michelle, our orthodontic assistant and Chance, our hygienist went in 2013 on our first dental team trip.  There have been many changes since this trip. Last time Michelle and Chance were there, they were working on patients in lawn chairs while sitting on exercise balls!  Since then, the medical/dental clinic has been completed.  They are excited to see the changes.
Although it is tough for Chance to leave his family for a week, he knows there is such a huge need for trained hygienists there.  Dental cleanings are not something available to Haitians. It is easy to understand the importance of regular cleanings when you witness the problems that doing without can cause. He will have a lot of work to do!

Here are Chance and Michelle with her young Haitian friend.
Michelle had a very personal reason for returning.  There was a girl in the orphanage who she grew close to while she was there last time.  She promised this girl that should would return one day.  She never forgot her promise.
Our first timers, Tea, Rylie, Katie and her husband, Cole have been spending time getting trained on how to they can be the most helpful in Haiti.  They are all excited to help in whatever way they can. 

When they return we will, of course, share any pictures and stories from their trip.  The team is hoping to post some blogs while they are there too. 
Once again, we want to thank our community of patients, as well as the community at large for your incredible support! 

Who knew what a difference such a small group of us working together could make in the world?  Thanks again!



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